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Energy Data & Leasing Marketplace for City Property

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LandGate Helps City Property Owners With:


Advertising Land for Lease

Advertise City land and property available for renewable energy lease opportunities, such as:




EV Charging

Energy Storage

and more...


Site Assessment and Prioritization

Identify, evaluate, and prioritize City properties that are best-suited to lease for renewable energy, using LandGate data to prepare property assessments, at no cost


Renewable Energy Developer Access

Advertising City property for lease on LandGate's online marketplace exposes clean energy leasing opportunities to a robust network of active renewable energy developers and investors

Contact us to learn how LandGate can help your City evaluate the energy potential of its properties and list for lease, all at no cost:
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Why List City Property on LandGate?

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List city-owned land and property (rooftops, parking lots) for lease for clean energy such as solar, wind, EV charging, and energy storage on LandGate's unique marketplace for free! The property is marketed directly to leading energy developers and investors. 


LandGate can help you prepare procurement materials (such as RFPs, public auction, and managed bids) to include in your listings. Listing on LandGate provides you with the opportunity to be presented with multiple offers to lease your city-owned land for clean energy production, none of which you would be obligated to accept.

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LandGate does not charge any listing fees or commissions. 

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No Commitment

You are under no obligation to accept ANY offers that you receive through a listing

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Expose your property to an exclusive network of energy developers and investors

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Generate a free property report to learn more about your land & its estimated value for renewable energy lease opportunities. Use the link below to find your property on our map using a parcel number or property address:

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Tucson Airport Authority Success Story

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The Tucson Airport Authority listed their property for lease for solar energy on LandGate’s marketplace in Q2 of 2023. The listing drew in multiple qualified offers, and a winning lessee was selected in January 2024. With the lease agreement secured, the lessee will begin developing a solar farm on the property in 2025.

The Tucson Airport Authority will generate income from lease payments paid by the solar developer each year for 25 years, which will yield a seven-figure increase in revenue for the TAA overall.

Given the limited industrial value of the land, TAA determined the solar development to be the highest and best use of the property. By rezoning the land and executing the proper environmental remediation activities during the lease, the land will be well-positioned for industrial development following the end of the lease.

Ready to get started?

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Easily create your own listings, or get assistance listing from the LandGate team!

LandGate's open marketplace is available for government and public landowners to post available properties for lease, which are accessible by an expansive audience of energy developers and investors seeking renewable energy lease opportunities.

Listings on LandGate
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