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American Land Seller Podcast: The Intersection of Real Estate and Energy

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The American Land Seller Podcast recently featured LandGate's President & Co-Founder, Craig Kaiser. Hosted by Koby Rickertsen, the conversation delved into the importance of data access, transparency, and technology for the intersection between the land real estate industry and the renewable energy industry. Dive deep into the conversation as Craig unveils how LandGate empowers property owners, corporations, and governments with free real estate and energy reports. Find the full episode below along with several key takeaways:

Summary & Key Takeaways

As the President and Co-Founder of LandGate, Craig Kaiser is at the forefront of innovation. LandGate, the leading provider of data solutions and online marketplace for U.S. real estate and energy, is transforming the landscape. From land and solar to EVs, energy storage, wind, carbon, minerals, and water, LandGate connects investors, developers, and property owners on the world's largest marketplace for CRE and energy-related transactions.

1) Understanding Land Values with Property Data is Crucial

Landowners and land professionals are at a disadvantage if they don't know as much as they possibly can about their property and its potential. By utilizing LandGate's free property reports, landowners and land professionals can ensure that they fully understand everything that they possibly can about their property and its value, from the value of the 'dirt' to its estimated value for leasing resources.

For example, when a transmission line runs through a property, it is often considered unsightly and as something that lowers a property's value. However, properties with transmission lines running through them or adjacent to them are extremely valuable for solar leasing. If a property owner is initially considering selling their unsightly property that has a transmission line running through it, they are likely not aware that the transmission line makes it extremely valuable for a solar farm, which can generate even more revenue for the landowner than selling the property outright. The more that you understand about a piece of property, the more value you can get out of it.

The intersection between land, real estate, and energy is becoming more prominent day-by-day. The push towards renewable energy has increased land prices, especially in rural parts of the country. Understanding this is critical for landowners and land brokers alike as more and more land will be needed nationwide to support this renewable energy boom. By staying informed on the latest trends and market data, landowners and brokers can make strategic decisions that will benefit them in the long run.

3) Technology is Key for Real Estate

Technology is changing the real estate industry. LandGate's online marketplace and LandApp tool allows for easy access to property data and valuations, transparency in transactions, and efficient communication between buyers and sellers. This technology-driven approach benefits all parties involved, making the process smoother and more efficient.

3) Realtors Need to Differentiate Themselves

It is critical for real estate professionals to get listings. Having something unique to offer property owners that is different from everyone else is important for getting more listings. For example, real estate professionals may find it beneficial to learn about the renewable energy sector as it continues to become more relevant, as this is a new opportunity for landowners and their representatives that many are choosing not to leverage yet.

Final Thoughts

The importance of transparent, accessible data in the land and real estate industry cannot be understated. Insights from LandGate's President & Co-Founder showcase the game-changing potential of property data to create a more efficient marketplace and empower landowners, land professionals, and real estate brokers with high quality data. If you'd like to explore LandGate's data for yourself, get a free property report on our map:

Interested in creating unlimited property reports? Check out LandApp for complete access to LandGate's property data, land value estimates, custom map creation tools, nationwide ownership data, and more for just $10 per month:


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