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Faster, More-Efficient Renewable Energy High-Conversion Mailer Campaigns

Updated: Jan 26

Faster, More-Efficient Renewable Energy High-Conversion Mailing Campaigns

In a recent survey conducted by LandGate, most landowners said they threw away about 85% of their paper mail. Direct mailing can be a powerful method of communication, but many businesses do it in a wrong and wasteful way. LandGate has proven methods and processes to help streamline mailer campaigns to increase response rate. Not only is LandGate’s methodology time efficient, but it provides landowners with quality information.

Much like all the technological advancements that have made renewable energy development and production successful, advancements have been made to landowner mailers as well to continue to develop more reliable and energy efficient solutions.  

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Contacting Landowners for Renewable Energy Development

Traditionally, mailers undergo a manual process from beginning to end.  Once developers have located their area of interests, they can travel to the county offices for ownership information, contact the assessor’s office, or utilize online property data sources, almost always at a cost.  Then they have to match the target parcels with the parcel owners, make sure you are sending these mailers to the ownership address and not necessarily the parcel address, and have someone manually print or address the envelopes, fill the mailers, and stamp and send every one. 

Here is where LandGate has made renewable energy mailers to landowners painless and incredibly easy.  If I already know the area I’m working in, I can simply upload a shapefile to select all parcels that the shapefile contains, intersects, or is nearby (up to a distance that I specify)...

…and within seconds, all parcels are automatically selected for me:

That’s over 1,000 ideal parcels selected in seconds and added to my portfolio.

I can then open PowerMarketing and select “Mailer Campaign.” LandGate automatically groups parcels together by owner and excludes businesses so that I’m not wasting money on duplicate mailers or sending landowner mailers to businesses that would not be interested in renewable energy development. Again, using innovative technology, I cut down my expenses drastically and decreased my mailers from 1,126 to 673; almost half the cost.

I can then upload a landowner call to action if I prefer to use my company’s template for mailers and by clicking “Create Campaign,” my mailers will be sent to production and sent directly to landowners. I timed this process and I was able to accomplish this in less than a minute, when previously I may have spent a minute each printing each letter, tri-folding the letters to fit in the envelope, sealing the envelope, addressing them, and placing stamps. Since LandGate has parcel ownership information, these technological advancements are available to all energy companies to contact landowners using a simplified yet extremely innovative process that leads to incredible results.

High Conversion Renewable Energy Landowner Mailers

Now, let’s walk through the innovative way to not only send a mailer with a higher response and closing rate, but a proven effective way to build a true partnership with landowners.  This is where LandGate’s “High Conversion Mailers” come in.  Using the same process as above with my selected parcels, I instead select “High Conversion Land Report Campaign.”

I’ll now have the opportunity to customize my mailer, add my own call to action on a sticky note with the landowner’s name, and provide the landowner with specific information on their land.

Because the system is automated, when I run the campaign, the system will pull in the ownership data and fill in the first name. I also have the option to include resource information specific to the exact parcel or group of parcels relevant to the landowner:

Because the system is automated, when I run the campaign, the system will pull in the ownership data and fill in the first name. I also have the option to include resource information specific to the exact parcel or group of parcels relevant to the landowner:

The intent here is to not only build trust with the landowner, but excite them because the best part is these high conversion mailers will be sent in a clear, full-page envelope so the first page of information and my call to action are shown as the landowner looks at her or his mail:

LandGate has run multiple campaigns for clients, both via regular mailers and by high conversion mailers with measurable success. This, unfortunately, makes those shredders more and more obsolete and will be reserved for junk mail!

With the push toward increased development of renewable energy and a clean environment for future generations, land and relationships with landowners are more valuable than ever. Landowners have the opportunity to maximize profits or create generational wealth by leasing their property to developers for energy development, while retaining most of their land for existing or other uses. Renewable energy companies are known for their innovation, and it’s time for mailing methods to match the trend toward future technology.

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