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Get Your Free Solar Lease Estimate!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Solar Land Estimate $14,442/acre text over solar panels at sunset

Have you ever wondered how much your land is worth for solar leasing? Check out LandGate’s Solar LandEstimate™! This is a free estimate of how much you could receive per acre per year to lease your land for a solar farm. Simply find your land on LandGate's map to receive your free property report with your custom solar lease estimate:

What is the LandEstimate™?

The LandEstimate™ is LandGate’s version of Zillow’s Zestimate, except it’s more accurate. It is an estimate of of your property’s worth in solar resources. The LandEstimate™ for solar leasing is derived from using solar irradiance data, incidence angles, topography, distance to substations, electricity prices, government incentives, revenues, cost of production in your area, and more!

Each of the factors analyzed in LandGate's solar lease estimates relate to the most important factors that solar developers examine as they evaluate parcels of interest. This proprietary process provides the most accurate evaluation of your property's potential for solar leasing today.

Screenshot of Solar Lease Estimate for a Parcel of Land from LandGate

Why do I need the LandEstimate™?

Renewable energy developers and middlemen have a history of taking advantage of landowners because of the lack of quality information publicly available. With LandGate’s free LandEstimates™, landowners can easily identify low-ball offers and make the best decisions for themselves and their family's future legacy. Currently, LandGate provides lease estimates for solar, wind, oil & gas, and carbon credits. There are many opportunities for landowners to make money on their land using LandGate! Landowners can easily receive their free estimates by finding their parcel on our map at


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