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How to Broker Mineral Rights

When someone wants to sell their home, they locate a real estate agent or broker. But when a mineral rights owner wants to sell their minerals, who do they call? These days, they google “what are my minerals worth” and 10 or 15 companies appear on their computer. But how are you supposed to choose a company that will make a strong partner in selling your mineral rights?

LandGate Mineral Rights Brokers are successful because they have LandGate resources. And our mineral owner clients are happy because they are getting top dollar for their minerals. So, what’s the difference between all the online mineral marketing companies and LandGate Brokers….it’s the valuation tools, the marketing platform that includes over 40,000 recipients of our clients’ mineral rights listings and the resources we provide to our mineral rights brokers.

What are Mineral Rights?

Mineral rights ownership can be described as owning the right to explore for and produce oil, gas and other minerals.  A mineral rights owner can also lease the oil & gas minerals to an oil company or sell their mineral rights. Mineral rights can be extremely valuable, especially when selling them.

Mineral Owners Need LandGate Mineral Brokers

As a LandGate Broker, you will have the opportunity to leverage your relationships to earn significant income by connecting mineral rights owners to the extensive LandGate marketplace.  Mineral rights owners need the ability to accept or reject offers presented to them.  And mineral rights owners should not be required to accept the highest offer in a non-competitive online auction.

When you Become a LandGate Mineral Rights Broker

We will provide you with all the tools you will need to navigate the mineral owner, from listing the minerals on the LandGate marketplace, through to closing and getting paid.  As a LandGate Mineral Broker, the mineral rights owner will be excited to understand how you will get them the highest price and how simple the closing process can be. Some of the tools available to you and the mineral rights owner at are:

  • Free Property Listings

  • Free Professional Mineral Rights Appraisals

  • Free Virtual Data Room Presentations

  • Subject Matter Experts to assist you and mineral rights owners

  • A library of industry forms such as deeds, leases and offer letters

Brokers on the LandGate platform will maximize revenues by sharing the commission with LandGate at closing. Contact LandGate to get started as a mineral rights broker today.

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