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How to Create the Best Land Listing

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

How to Create the Best Land Listing

Selling or leasing a piece of land can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to listing it online. Creating a comprehensive and eye-catching listing is crucial when trying to attract buyers and lessors. For resources such as solar, wind, and carbon, there are specific aspects to highlight. Five important steps go into creating the best land listing!

1. Highlight Your Resources:

When listing your land for sale or lease for different resources such as solar, wind, or carbon, it is essential to point out the unique selling points of your property that make it valuable for these areas. Whether your land receives a lot of sunlight or is positioned in a prime spot for wind energy, these details must be stated clearly in your listing. Buyers and lessors want to know that they will get the most from their resources.

When selling land, different types of properties can be more intriguing for prospective buyers than others. It is important to highlight if there is a building or home on the property, if the property is undeveloped, if there are any bodies of water on the property like a pond, river, or lake, and if there are any building restrictions on the property.

2. Consult with a Land Professional:

With the use of LandGate, landowners are more than capable of receiving their free property report, reading through their property’s potential for different lease options, and creating a listing that will highlight the property’s strengths. Working with a reputable land real estate professional can make all the difference in creating a successful land listing. 

They can provide advice and help point out any additional features that could make your land listing even more appealing to potential buyers or lessors. Land professionals are experts in their field, so they understand what buyers and lessors look for and can provide valuable insights. This can make the land selling or leasing process much more manageable, even if you are inexperienced.

Land professionals have a good understanding of what land buyers and energy developer lessors are looking for when searching for a parcel of property. With their deep knowledge and expertise in your area, they can help you identify the most desirable features that would make your land listing stand out from the competition. 

Land professionals will be able to advise you on any environmental concerns or zoning issues that may affect the value of your property. Having an experienced and knowledgeable professional by your side during the entire process helps to ensure that everything is completed correctly and according to legal standards.

3. Make Use of Pictures, Videos, and a Great Description:

People are drawn to visuals, so it is crucial to include photos and drone footage videos that showcase the natural beauty of your land in your listing. Visuals can highlight the area's unique features, including the available resources and any existing buildings, and help buyers and lessors picture themselves in it. 

A well-written description is just as crucial as any visual component. Providing detailed and accurate information about your property can help set it apart from other listings. Highlight any available resources such as water sources, access to power lines, or existing structures. Be clear, informative, and to the point.

4. Include a Catchy Title for Your Land Listing:

Your land listing's title should be brief, catchy, and informative. It should include key information that buyers and lessors are searching for, like the geographic location or the available resources. An attention-grabbing title can pique a potential buyer or lessor's interest and prompt them to read the description. A lot of users have found that using AI to generate a catchy title is easier than trying to come up with one on your own.

5. Be Honest and Accurate About Your Land Listing:

Finally, it is vital to be honest and accurate when creating a listing. List any limitations your property may have and note any future development plans or zoning changes. Being transparent can help you find the perfect buyer or lessor with the right vision for your property.

Creating a successful land listing is all about highlighting the unique features and resources of your property. By consulting with a professional, using stunning visuals and descriptive language, and being accurate and honest, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect buyer or lessor. Remember, the key takeaway when creating the perfect land listing is to showcase your land's value and potential.


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