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How to Market a Ranch

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Photo of a fence on land with text overlay 'How to market a ranch'

When it comes to selling a ranch, marketing plays a crucial role in its success. With a ranch, there’s a lot more to show than there is with traditional real estate marketing- important considerations include the soil types & soil health, irrigation, water rights, grazing permits, structures (such as barns and corrals), recreational activities, and much more. From attracting potential buyers to closing the deal, effective marketing strategies can make all the difference.

Know Your Target Audience

Before implementing any marketing strategies, it’s important to know who your target audience is. Knowing this will help you tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. For example, if your target audience is those interested in farming, you can focus on highlighting the quality of soil and water sources. If it’s recreational activities, you can showcase the ranch's proximity to outdoor attractions or any existing amenities like hunting grounds or fishing lakes.

Highlight Unique Features

One of the key selling points for a ranch is its unique features. These could include natural landscapes, wildlife habitats, or even historical significance. A prospective buyer won't know about these special features unless they are made aware of them through your marketing efforts!

It is also important to highlight the capabilities of the land itself. For example, the soil types and soil quality on a property significantly impact its ability to grow crops productively. If you're marketing a property for sale that has ideal soil for crops, it is important to highlight that in your marketing efforts.

LandGate's free property report provides soil data for landowners and realtors. Our LandApp tool offers this data for any U.S. property:

Utilize Imagery

Imagery is crucial when it comes to real estate. A growing number of buyers are basing their judgement entirely on what they find online, so you'll want to make sure that the imagery used to market your ranch paints a clear picture of the property and its unique aspects. Traditional photos are crucial to include in ranch marketing materials, but you should also consider taking this imagery a step further with videos or aerial photographs. LandGate's listing marketplace provides landowners and realtors with the opportunity to upload both photos and videos to their listings for free.

Understand the Property Rights

When it comes to selling a ranch, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the property's rights and everything that the landowner does/ does not own. These include not only the standard land rights, but also key aspects such as mineral rights, hunting rights, easements, and even water rights. Assessing the values, intricacies, potential existence of easements, and potential shortcomings of these rights becomes imperative before proceeding with the sale. The property rights also greatly impact how much the land can be sold for.

Choose The Right Price

Pricing your ranch correctly is essential to attract potential buyers. It’s important to research the current market trends and compare similar properties in the area to determine a competitive price. Setting an unreasonable asking price can deter potential buyers, while pricing it too low can make them question the property's value.

Landowners interested in selling their ranch should consider working with a trusted real estate agent who specializes in ranch properties when it comes to determining a fair asking price.

When determining the potential selling price of a property, it's important to consider comparable sales. These provide insight into the market value of similar properties in your area. However, this should not be the only consideration; assessing ranch properties presents unique challenges compared to traditional homes. Ranches have a multitude of features that can influence their value, making it insufficient to rely solely on factors like bedroom count and square footage.

That being said, utilizing mapping software is advantageous for comparing properties effectively. With LandApp, you can easily view historical sales data, analyze specific features that affect a property's value for ranching, and analyze active and closed listings with our unique filters including price, acreage, dwellings, and days on the market.


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