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Land Realtors: Use Parcel Data to Your Clients' Advantage

Updated: Apr 15

Aerial graphic of white property outlines over grassland

Parcel data refers to information about a specific piece of property, including its boundaries, size, location, resource values, and other relevant details. Land realtors can use this data to help sell or lease their clients’ land in several ways. In this guide, we will outline the benefits of parcel data and how to utilize it to manage your business and help your clients get the most value from their land.

Determining Land’s Value With Parcel Data

By utilizing LandGate's parcel data, land realtors can determine the fair market value of the land based on its location, size, resource potential, and other factors. This information can help them set price expectations for sellers and buyers, while providing information about potential hidden income from lease opportunities for any U.S. property. In the land real estate industry, it is important to have all the accurate property information on your client’s property. As parcel information constantly changes, land realtors are often forced to use multiple different platforms to cover their bases. LandGate makes this easy for land realtors by having all the parcel data in one place with LandApp.

  • Current Market Land Listings for properties for sale and for lease

  • Historical lease and sale values

  • Parcel boundaries

  • Zoning information

  • Nationwide ownership and property owner contact information

  • Electrical infrastructure data

  • Renewable energy lease estimates (solar, wind, carbon, EV Charging, etc.)

  • Property value & risk indexes to easily provide insights regarding the highest and best use for any U.S. property

  • Carbon credit estimates, including soil type data and tree type data

  • Topography information

  • ... and more property data & analytics!

Connecting With Potential Buyers or Lessees

One of the hardest things for real estate agent professionals is getting their client’s land in front of the right buyers or lessees. By entering their clients properties into a competitive marketplace, real estate professionals can ensure that they're getting their clients the most value for their property. LandGate’s competitive marketplace was curated for realtors, so any type of property can be listed for lease or for sale. Energy developers, institutional investors, other land realtors, and prospective landowners are consistently using LandGate’s marketplace to find parcels for a variety of purposes. The marketplace allows landowners and real estate professionals to quickly and easily list their properties, and is completely free with no listing fees or commissions. Additionally, each listing is enhanced with LandGate's proprietary parcel data.

Easily Create Targeted Campaigns and Generate Leads With Parcel Data

Armed with LandGate's parcel data, real estate professionals can create targeted direct mail marketing campaigns to reach potential new clients. For example, they can create a mailing list of landowners who have a high potential for solar, wind, or carbon leasing. Then they can send information about the specific property evaluation and help the landowner go through the process if they are interested. LandGate has created the ultimate property report to showcase a spatial analysis of parcels and send them to specific property owners. The combination of LandGate’s industry-leading data analytics and real estate marketing is the absolute best way for land realtors to properly target specific parcels and landowners they are interested in working with. If a land realtor is specifically interested in helping landowners lease their land for solar farms, they can use LandGate’s parcel search in the LandApp tool and find properties that are suitable for a solar lease. They can then create a portfolio to organize these parcels and send out customized printed property reports to each landowner letting them know about their solar lease potential for passive income generation.

What are the Benefits of Knowing Sales and Mortgage History Data of Property?

Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, or simply interested in the property's background, the benefits of knowing its transaction history are numerous. There are significant advantages that come with having a thorough understanding of a property's transaction history.

  • Assessment of Property Value: Transaction history provides insights into a property's value over time, allowing buyers and sellers to gauge appreciation or depreciation rates. This information is crucial for negotiating prices and understanding market trends.

  • Evaluation of Investment Potential: For investors, analyzing transaction history helps assess a property's past performance in terms of rental income or capital gains, aiding in making informed decisions about future investments.

  • Market Trend Analysis: Examining transaction histories of multiple properties in an area reveals valuable information about market trends and conditions. By tracking the frequency of transactions and price fluctuations, investors can predict market stability or volatility.

  • Legal Verification: Transaction history is essential for verifying legal ownership, conducting due diligence, and identifying potential title issues or liens, ensuring a clear understanding of the property's legal status and avoiding complications.

  • Mortgage Industry Data: Mortgage history data complements sales history, providing a comprehensive record of mortgage-related activities over time. This data is crucial for assessing market trends, evaluating property values, and making informed decisions about investments and developments.

LandGate's LandApp offers a subscription-based service that provides real estate professionals with various data analytics and commercial real estate (CRE) information. The platform aims to streamline real estate processes and save time for users. Key features include property reports, parcel search, historical data, unique data layers, transaction details, and sales history. 

Those hard-to-find details such as transaction data, sale status, and listing history are now accessible within a few seconds using LandGate. Land professionals are now able to give their clientele complete property intelligence to make the best decision on one of the biggest investments of their lives.

Help Clients Get the Most Value From Their Property

There are various ways that land realtors can help property owners get the most value from their land beyond just selling their property outright. There are various lease opportunities available for landowners that allow them to make money on their land.

To determine the highest and best use for their clients' property, realtors can utilize LandGate's value indexes, which provide a snapshot into any parcel's potential for various lease opportunities:

Screenshot of LandGate's value index data

Overall, parcel data is an invaluable resource for land realtors looking to sell or lease their clients' land. Parcel data can also be used to manage and grow your land business, while ensuring that you're helping your clients get the most value from their property. By leveraging this property data effectively, realtors can improve their marketing efforts, reach potential buyers or lessees easily, and ultimately close more deals.


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