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Land Realtors: Use Parcel Data to Your Clients' Advantage

Parcel data refers to information about a specific piece of land, including its boundaries, size, location, resource values, and other relevant details. Land realtors can use this data to help sell or lease their clients’ land in several ways. LandGate provides these insights to land realtors all in one space limiting the usage of multiple different apps. This makes it easier for land realtors to get all the information quickly and get the competitive edge for their land business.

Determining Land’s Value With Parcel Data

By analyzing parcel data on LandGate, land realtors can determine the fair market value of the land based on its location, size, resource potential, and other factors. This information can help them set price expectations for sellers and buyers as well as providing information about potential hidden income for specific properties. In the land real estate industry it is important to have all the accurate property information on your client’s land. As parcel information constantly changes, land realtors are often forced to use multiple different platforms to cover their bases. LandGate makes this easy for land realtors by having all the parcel data in one place with LandApp.

  • Discovering land’s potential for renewable resources like solar or wind can be done with the click of a button. All of the critical engineering components (grid infrastructure, incentives, buildable acreage, etc.) are synthesized down to an easily understandable $/acre value to show what the current and future value is for specific locations.

  • Other critical layers like carbon, mineral, mining, agricultural potential, and land use can also be easily viewed.

Connecting With Potential Buyers or Lessees

One of the hardest things for commercial real estate agent professionals is getting their client’s land in front of the right buyers or lessees. The goal for securing a great energy or natural resource related lease for their client is to get energy developers or investors interested in the potential of the parcel. Land real estate markets tend to cater more towards land used for hunting, agriculture, or leisure. LandGate’s marketplace was curated for land realtors and not only caters to leisure and agriculture, but also has the unique audience that land realtors are looking for. Energy developers and institutional investors are consistently using LandGate’s marketplace to find parcels for energy development. Our listing service allows landowners and real estate professionals to quickly and easily list their opportunities and is completely free!

Easily Create Targeted Campaigns With Specific Parcel Data

Armed with LandGate parcel data, real estate professionals can create targeted marketing campaigns to reach potential new clients. For example, they can create a mailing list of landowners who have a high potential for solar, wind, or carbon leasing. Then they can send information about the specific property evaluation and help the landowner go through the process if they are interested. LandGate has created the ultimate land report to showcase a spatial analysis of parcels and send them to specific property owners. The combination of LandGate’s industry leading data analytics and real estate marketing is the absolute best way for land realtors to properly target specific parcels and landowners they are interested in. If a land realtor is specifically interested in solar leases, they can use LandGate’s parcel search in the LandApp tool and find all the best properties for solar leases. They can create a portfolio to house these parcels and send out customized land reports to landowners letting them know about their solar lease potential for passive income.

Parcel data can be an invaluable resource for land realtors looking to sell or lease their clients' land. By leveraging this property data effectively, realtors can improve their marketing efforts, reach potential buyers or lessees easily, and ultimately close more deals.

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