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Top 5 Best Real Estate Software to Buy and Sell Land in 2022

Aerial photograph of land with text overlay 'Top 5 Best Real Estate Software to Buy and Sell Land in 2022'

This is a repost of Thea Felicity's article for Tech Times, published on 30 August 2022, 12:08 am.

Land realtors do more than just keep track of which properties to sell and at what specific price. Or supply you with localized information you would not have access to if you did not visit the place. They also try to maintain a positive connection with you for your agreements to be carried out. However, you seldom find this trait when you do a quick 'land realtor near me' search on the net. This is where our top 5 best real estate software comes in useful, with features that benefit land realty brokers, investors, and future landowners.

How to Buy Land Without a Realtor

Buying land as a future landowner may be a frightening and overwhelming undertaking. Likewise, selling land may sometimes be taxing for a landowner. Land realtors often handle this, but many people find it somewhat inconvenient. While most real estate brokers can help with land acquisitions, the greatest solution to consider is the market's offers from real estate data solutions. These solutions are often provided by national land realty companies that offer full-service real estate brokerage. You will still require the assistance of a land realtor, but this time you will be able to employ tools to assist you in the process. This is a more effortless and cost-effective option than just searching for the traditional way.

Which Software Is Used in Real Estate?

Our top 5 best real estate software ensures that both real estate agents and potential land owners are satisfied with their purchases through proptech or property technology. Some of the solutions on the list will make land resources and data more available to land realtors and investors, while others will allow you to easily transmit listing agreements, contracts, and insurance changes to your customers through email.

#1 LandGate, LandApp (formerly PowerRealty)

LandGate is the premier distributor of land data & analytics and an online marketplace for industrial land resources in the United States, including solar, wind, carbon, oil and gas, minerals, and water. The company's online marketplace assists landowners, real estate brokers, investors, and developers to understand energy and environmental resource values. Its platform uses its technology to supply investors with deals, leads, data, analytics, and web apps, significantly lowering their expenses.

Aside from the opportunity to let you know how to sell land without a realtor, LandGate's competitive edge is based on highly automated data chores and the digitalization of land resource appraisals. Both landowners and real estate brokers who can readily advertise land resources for lease or sale on the web marketplace contribute to the wide reach. It also gives a cost advantage for energy and environmental investors/developers who can access agreements more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Data Intelligence & Marketplace for Land and Its Resources: LandGate can help you determine the worth of your land for sale. Easily determine the worth of your land and its prospective royalty revenue from Solar, Wind, Carbon, or Minerals. You can also freely list your property for lease or sale on LandGate's marketplace. Then, access the world's biggest network of corporate energy, resource, and land investors. Speak with a local land realtor or other specialists to review your property valuations and the best possibilities.

  • Resource Data & Support: LandGate lets you view a map-based listing for each property in the United States. As well as see the value of solar, wind, oil and gas, and carbon for each parcel. Learn how much others are paying for resources around the United States and analyze transaction patterns in each major market to list and sell confidently. You can access the most extensive network of energy buyers and carbon credit investors. Obtain data from billions of data points such as transmission lines, substations, solar/wind farms, wells, etc. For a comprehensive land assessment, you will also receive developer activities on each property.

  • LandApp Subscription Available: A monthly subscription of $25 per user can expand your market by an 8x factor. You can use resource data to give yourself or your company an edge. Increase your commissions on energy-related transactions and get more prospects for land deals. To do so, LandGate delivers significant land data and resources to help you obtain more clients. Besides that, LandGate is also the first and only platform of its kind that uses LandEstimates to assess the economic worth of every property in the United States. Discover historical solar farm transaction pricing and lease information (lease bonus and negotiated royalty/rent) using the Resource Comp Data. You will also receive databases of high-value solar rights, mineral rights, carbon credit owners, and wind rights owners.


  • They assist land realtors and investors in entering the energy business and in earning more money for themselves and their clients.

  • They provide land information and analytics per parcel for solar, wind, carbon, water, oil & gas, and mining rights in the contiguous United States. They calculate prospective revenue for solar farms, wind farms, carbon credits, wind rights, mineral rights, and mining rights and produce "LandEstimates."

  • LandGate's extensive services and resources for land real estate agents and investors include ready-to-close leads, land CRM, parcel data, analytics, and heat maps. With this real estate business solution, you can easily reach out to land buyers near your area. You may find particular buyers and strike a deal with them. LandGate has finalized approximately $180 million in land resource sales thus far. Sign up to get started.

#2 National Land Realty

National Land Realty provides services related to the current technique of purchasing and selling property. This means unmatched access to the most recent listings and historical sales data, game-changing technology, and local specialists backed by a nationwide network for you. So, if you're ready for better ways to land a deal and buy properties, there are features to assist you. National Land Realty ensures you'll know you're receiving the best price for your property with the country's largest land sales database, proven marketing help, and the cooperation of local professionals backed by a nationwide network. Modern technology makes it simpler to browse and explore listings, connect with local specialists around the country, and locate your ideal plot of property. With National Land Realty, your possibilities are limitless since they have already streamlined the process of leasing land to do the things you desire, all in one spot. There are no gimmicks, rather a simple process for leasing land for fishing, farming, oil & gas, and other purposes. Plus, witness how interactive touring technology sets the bar in land real estate by allowing you to see homes like never before from just about anywhere.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Modernized proptech for land realtors and landowners

  • Nationwide network for listings and sales data

  • You get the best price for your property with sales database and marketing

  • Easy to look for property listings and connect with realtors

  • No need to physically see properties with a 360 tour

#3 Realty Juggler

RealtyJuggler is a simple organizer designed just for land realtors to identify the best land leads. Prospects can be tracked, and follow-up conversations can be scheduled with this real estate software. RealtyJuggler can even create a daily call list for you. Alternatively, you may securely share your database with assistants, partners, and personnel. Real Estate Flyers for agent's listings utilizing RealtyJuggler's predefined flyer templates ensure that land seekers receive the finest one. Prospects can be qualified by using one of the five real-estate calculators, including Mortgage Payments, Max Loans, and Rent-vs-Own. You may also receive showing comments on your listings via an automated web form, eliminating the need to play phone tag with showing agents. Text message (SMS) conversations with clients and prospects can also help buyers and real estate professionals. Email and text message reminders for appointments, new leads, and deadlines are other options. Commissions and expenditures, including splits and referral payments, can be calculated and tracked by agents. Leads can also be imported from the MLS, tax records, or lead services. It's ideal for scouting FSBOs, lapsed properties, and vacant houses.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for land realtors and land seekers

  • Tracks down the best land lead on the internet

  • Lets future land owners view and analyze real estate listings

  • Prospects can access real estate calculators

  • Simplified process for agents to close a deal

#4 NAI Earle Furman

NAI Earle Furman (NAIEF) has been offering superior performance to its clients for thirty years. It is Upstate's biggest commercial real estate brokerage and property management firm. NAIEF, which has three Upstate locations, provides innovative solutions to assure client success while fostering a culture of cooperation, drive, and creativity. The NAIEF team is invested in the city and its people. It is dedicated to becoming specialists in commercial real estate and strengthening the Upstate market via a wide range of excellent client services. NAI Earle Furman, LLC provides a full-service property management package that requires a hands-on approach to real estate management that is unique in the industry. The core of the management approach is formal monthly property inspections with face-to-face contact with each renter. Their Franchise Real Estate Services provide Franchisors and Franchisees with outsourced real estate services. Overall, this national land realty company assists realtors and landowners in locating properties, executing leases, preparing for openings, and navigating the real estate process skillfully. The aim is for the Franchisor and Franchisee to be satisfied with the lease they agree on and the site they open due to features that suit their needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Seasoned land realtors that help you find what you're looking for

  • Strengthens the Upstate market with a comprehensive property listing

  • Find specialists for your demands and access property management tools

  • Ideal for landowners to confidently sign agreements

#5 RealtyMX

Land data management is a difficult task. But now, you may simply access a wide range of land data resources and import and export information to your data or other tools. This is possible using RealtyMX's listings database. They provide the greatest marketing tactics for land realtors to maintain and publish listings on the web, establish a noticeable online presence, and attract new leads and clients. You can leverage a range of technologies to collect and maintain and to stay in touch with new clients. There are 35+ accessible web marketplaces safely and quickly provided to your publisher, which is also of great help for land seekers. Both you and your team can have complete control over your listings database, contact information, and other sensitive information, thanks to its strong roles and permissions structure. RealtyMX's custom development approach is always a possibility for the picky buyer. It includes multiple IDX, bespoke interface with other systems, and, most significantly, a templated website. The latter is a relatively inexpensive way to generate leads. This includes RLS and VOW integration. Access to many MLSs is also available. MRED (Chicago), New Jersey, and Miami are included in the tri-state coverage.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Offers marketing solutions for real estate agents

  • Helps land realtors capture leads

  • Assists land seekers through property listings

  • Free website templates for realtors

  • Advanced land CRM and active 35+ online marketplaces

All in all, the flurry of new technologies available in the real estate industry may confuse land realtors, owners, and investors. However, our top 5 best real estate software from LandGate, National Land Realty, and others guarantee to save you time, deliver better land leads, and handle follow-up interactions. You get top-of-the-line features to land agreements in the best way possible, as well as access to crucial go-to land data and resources to please your clients and yourself. You can find the original post by Thea Felicity for Tech Times here, published on 30 August 2022, 12:08 am.


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