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What to Know When Selling Your Land

Selling your land to prospective buyers can seem a bit intimidating if you don’t know the true value of your land. It can be beneficial to landowners to follow some tips for selling land to increase their chance in finding a buyer. When creating a listing to sell land, including the right details can attract potential buyers and help ensure you receive the best offers.

Land Descriptions and Listing Details

Attracting buyers to listings is the easiest way to generate land sales, whether you are a landowner or a real estate agent. Focus on providing an accurate and descriptive title for the listing of the property. Using LandGate’s property report will allow you to discover your land’s strongest potential and this can be included in the description.

Describing your property is a great way to advertise your available plot of land. Informing prospective buyers the details of your land’s topography, terrain, and features will give them a better understanding of the property and allow investors to evaluate the highest and best use of the land. Things from the free property report to mention include:

  • Leasing payment estimates for solar and wind and likelihood of leasing

  • Carbon Credit estimates

  • Oil & Gas leasing/selling estimates

  • Are there any bodies of water like ponds, rivers or lakes

  • How much acreage is wooded or contains wildlife habitats

  • How much acreage is flat, sloped, or hilled

  • Mining and Water data

In addition, using AI to help write a listing description can save a lot of time for landowners and real estate agents. Many land buyers will not have the opportunity to view a land listing and will hire a real estate agent to visit the property on their behalf. You can make it easier by providing photos or videos of the land to market your property better!

Learning Your Property’s Strengths

After reviewing your property report, you will be able to tailor your listing to certain buyer audiences. Location information such as landmarks, major roads and highways, nearby amenities, or completely vacant land will appeal to different buyers. Also including the amount of acreage, if the property has a home or other structures built, or if there is farmland can be great selling points! If you have inherited land and are not sure what exactly is on the property, in regards to resources, LandGate’s property report can help with that. The parcel boundary will be viewable so you will have a better understanding of the property as well. When selling vacant land, or undeveloped land, it is important to keep in mind that many land buyers are interested in land potential! If there are any restrictions or permissions associated with your property, it might be best to disclose it. But highlighting potential uses such as residential, commercial, agricultural, or energy development will attract buyers with specific interests.

Land for Sale Marketplace

Selling land is very similar to selling a home, the marketplace is competitive and saturated. Utilizing the tools discussed above will let your listing stand out among the rest. However, knowing the right online markets to list on is an important piece of the puzzle. LandGate’s marketplace is always free for landowners and real estate agents to list land for sale and for lease. Compared to other marketplaces, LandGate’s unique prospective buyers and lessors that are actively searching, leasing, and buying land. Pricing your land properly is the way you can be sure to receive more offers for your land. After going through the property report, you will be able to review the estimated value of your land overall. When listing your land, you can use this information to your advantage. When countering back offers with you have the data to back up your pricing reasoning to know you are getting the best offer possible.


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