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Who are the Flannery Associates?

Hands holding a paper land plot map, Who are the Flannery Associates?

Flannery Associates, a company surrounded in secrecy, recently purchased $800M worth of land near the Travis Air Force Base in California, causing real estate prices in the area to skyrocket. The massive purchase of over 54,000 acres of land raised eyebrows among government officials due to the sensitive location, sparking a formal investigation.

Learn who the mystery buyers are and their intentions from our recent webinar on the topic with California Land Expert, Danielle Davenport:

This lawsuit comes at a time when companies with ties to China have been ramping up attempts to purchase American farmland, and it sparks the question of whether we really know who owns the land around us.

The investigation revealed that Flannery Group hopes to transform the farmland into a ‘utopian city’ offering clean energy, thousands of jobs, and reliable transportation. Thankfully, the group is controlled by U.S. citizens, with 97% of its capital coming from U.S.-based investors. However, Flannery Associates is now suing a group of California landowners, claiming that they conspired to inflate the price of real estate and overcharged their group in violation of U.S. antitrust law.

Using LandGate’s LandApp tool, you can search for land by owner or organization name, revealing the exact parcels that Flannery Group owns:

the properties that the Flannery Group current owns

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