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Agricultural Land for Sale

LandGate's online marketplace connects buyers and sellers of agricultural land at no cost. Our platform offers a wide variety of listings for agricultural property and cropland for sale across the county, making it easy for buyers to find their perfect parcel.

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Agricultural Land Information

Farms and ranches available for purchase across the nation encompass a wide range of options. From vast, industrial-sized acreage nestled in the heart of the Midwest to charming and modest hobby farms across the country, the choices are plentiful.


Interested in buying farms and ranches near you? Our marketplace features listings from all across the United States, including both small and large parcels of cropland, complete with considerable listing details, immense property data, and property owner/ broker contact information. LandGate's marketplace presents you with an extensive catalog of agricultural land for sale, all at no cost to you. Whether you're picturing rows of vineyards, verdant pastures, or vast fields ready for the crops, our listings span the nation, reflecting the diverse opportunities available for buyers and lessors of agricultural property. Find grazing land, large cattle pastures, tillable farming ground, and arable agricultural land for sale on LandGate's marketplace is completely free.


Agricultural Land for Sale


Ranch Land for Sale


Farmland for Sale

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Get more data with LandApp

LandApp is the go-to property investment and intelligence platform for land and its resources.
If you're interested in buying agricultural land for a specific purpose, LandApp can help you make well-informed purchasing decisions. For just $10 per month, utilize proprietary property data & analytics information (including soil type data, topography information, water stress level assessments, environmental risk indexes, and more) along with custom map creation features, unlimited property reports, and more!
Property Ownership Details
Interested in learning who owns the land around you or land that you're interested in purchasing? Access up-to-date property ownership information including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses for any parcel in the United States.

Agricultural Land Information

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