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About LandGate

We make real estate and energy deals more efficient for everyone

LandGate is the leading provider of data solutions for site selection, origination, development, and financing of US renewable energy and infrastructure projects: solar, data centers, EV’s, energy storage, wind, carbon, and CCS.


At the intersection of commercial real estate and energy, LandGate helps investors, developers, real estate professionals, and property owners connect on the world’s largest marketplace for CRE and energy related transactions: land, solar, EV’s, energy storage, wind, carbon, minerals, and water. 
Property owners, corporations, and governments get access to free real estate and energy reports about their properties that they can then list for free on LandGate’s marketplace. Real estate professionals and advisory firms use LandGate’s platform and app to easily expand their value proposition to property owners and expose themselves to more diversified commission opportunities. As a result, LandGate’s platform generates exclusive CRE and energy leads that investors and developers access.  Lenders, insurances, developers, and advisors also use LandGate’s most accurate and comprehensive data to run their due diligence.


Founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado, LandGate received Series A funding in 2019 from Rice Investment Group, an industry leading energy technology investor, and Series B funding in 2022 from Nextera Energy, the world’s largest generator of renewable energy, and from Kimmeridge, a leading carbon solutions private equity firm. The company has partnered with the Realtors Land Institute, Land Broker MLS, the University of Texas at Austin, KPMG, CoreLogic, CBRE and Moody’s.


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