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The best M&A database & research analytics for solar, wind, and carbon.

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Construct comparable deals for risk assessment and underwriting due diligence. Get the most accurate and immediate 3rd party independent engineering reports.

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Advanced analytics
for renewables

Interconnection queued project screener


Scale origination & investment efforts

Search through nationwide database of projects in every stage whether active, built, planned and queued

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PPA and LMP pricing analyzer

PPA & LMP pricing analyzer

  • LMP data

    • Live, Historical, and Futures

    • 100% US coverage with location

  • Incentive data

    • IRA, Fed, States, Local incentives

    • ITC, PTC analyzer

    • Energy Community

  • PPA data (70% coverage)

    • Direct PPA (Bundled energy + REC)

    • Qualified Facilities, Avoided Cost PPA

    • Private PPA

    • PPA estimate based on nearby Comp, LMP and Incentives



Alternative data & KPIs for stock prediction.

  • Build fundamental or systematic investment strategies on every public and private Renewables company

  • >0.9 correlation between historical stock price and renewable energy KPIs:

    • Cashflows

    • Electricity Generation

    • Capacity

  • Comprehensive current and forward looking KPIs using:

    • Active assets

    • Under construction assets

    • Permitted and Queued assets

    • Daily updates


Renewable energy M&A deals

  • Active renewable energy M&A deals

  • Largest database of closed M&A deals

  • Advanced analytics

  • Accurate economic valuation reports

  • Sensitivities with pricing, capex, weather catastrophe,...

  • NAV of solar and wind projects

  • NAV of companies after mergers and acquisitions

  • Competitive Advantage with Private and Public Capital Markets

  • Automated notifications of new deals with customizable target ESG investment criteria



Renewable energy's customizable indices, ESG monitoring & benchmarks

  • Customizable Indices and Benchmarks

  • Performance Indicators

  • NAVs

  • Model and compare renewable investment opportunities

  • Weather Catastrophe Risking

  • Historical & Forecasted prices

  • Historical and forecasted market trends

    • Load, Available Capacity (MW)

    • Capacity (MWac)

    • Electricity generation (MWh)

    • Cash flows ($) and NAV ($)

  • Land lease value estimate

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All-in-one solar engineering & economics platform

Model utility-scale solar projects in just minutes.

Solar PowerVal

Get your solar projects to the queue & financed faster

Determine buildable area with customized setbacks/exclusions


Adjust input parameters to fit the mold of your organization's preferences and share buildable areas via KML/Shapefile with your engineering team


Export pricing data

Want to learn more? Schedule a call with our dedicated energy markets team.

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