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Renewable Energy Solutions for Commercial Property

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Marketplace Exposure

Free property listings on LandGate’s marketplace connect the energy markets with corporate properties to monetize solar energy, battery storage, EV charging, carbon credits, and wind resources

Evaluate & list property for on-site energy projects

Decarbonize portfolios by identifying properties with potential for rootop & parking lost solar arrays, battery storage, EV charging, wind, & listing on LandGate's marketplace

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Data intelligence to assess renewable energy values of commercial assets & marketplace to list properties available for energy projects

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EV charging infrastructure and rooftop solar data

LandGate supports corporate landowners in specific areas of expertise many do not have access to.

Seek and pinpoint the most optimal parcels for EV charging stations considering various factors such as:

  • Power availability

  • Proximity to amenities

  • Traffic infrastructure

  • Size of parking lots

  • Utilizable acreage

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Search property based on advanced criteria

Size of land in acres.

Buildability considerations, including exclusion zones or topography.

Proximity to substations, transmission lines, and shapefiles.

Potential capacity assessment.

Explore government and tribal lands.

Ready to get started?

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"As our country continues to invest in cleaner forms of energy, it is critical to identify the right sites to host projects. The LandGate platform provides its customers with an additional tool to help identify suitable land for projects while providing landowners with a new platform to help market their property."

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Rebecca Kujawa

President & CEO

NextEra Energy Resources

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