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30 Year Payouts for Real Estate Agents with Solar Farm Leasing

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

aerial photograph of a solar farm on dirt with mountains in the background

Leasing, Selling & the Current Market

In the 2021 Land Market Survey* land sales continue to rise, last year saw a 6% increase in land transactions. This is a consistent increase but the land leasing market size is estimated at about 17.4B*. Leasing of land is increasingly more common and especially when looking at renewable energy projects. A largely untapped market of leasing land is for renewable energy development. This market alone is valued at 910B in 2021*. These renewable energy projects are largely on leased land and real estate agents have an opportunity to earn commissions on that lease, earn more commission than standard transactions and receive those commissions on an extended yearly basis. New government policies like the 2022 IRA act*, have created an emphasis on developing renewable energy. Solar farms, wind farms, carbon credits, and underground carbon sequestration are receiving more investment. There is a lot of money going into renewables and carbon. How can real estate agents be part of this?

Get Large Commissions From Solar Farm Leasing

Landgate has an active marketplace which connects land real estate professionals and their landowners directly to institutional energy developers and land investors. These investors and developers are actively looking to find their new solar, wind, carbon and energy deals. They use LandGate to connect directly to you and close on deals quickly. With the 2022 IRA act more investors are using LandGate to develop their next renewal energy projects. This direct connection between developers and land assets was nonexistent before Landgate’s marketplace.

Land Real Estate Agent Success Story

Recently a Wyoming real estate agent that had been in the business for 20+ years approached a longtime client and friend about posting their land for lease on LandGate. After a couple weeks of listing the property, this agent was contacted directly by a solar developer. The offer was an opportunity for a 30 year lease for a solar farm. The client decided to enter into a lease contract with a solar company and is able to directly tie into the energy grid. The landowner is able to keep their land and pass it along to their kids because they now generate additional revenue from a solar lease with a power purchase agreement.

Access Energy Developers and Investors to Earn More Commissions

LandGate offers you as a real estate professional, leasing opportunities of land for wind, solar and carbon development. Landowners no longer have to sell their land to see revenue but can easily lease it and collect rent payments for the next 30+ years. As the agent, you would see a commission every time your landowner gets paid. On average we see higher commissions for land professionals on every lease transaction compared to the standard for sale land transaction. These energy developers and investors are looking to invest in a range of energy sources, including solar energy, wind energy, all forms of carbon, fossil fuels and even geothermal energy. The most common forms of energy development tend to be renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. But the goals of every developer are different and carry across the United states. With LandGate your landowners keep their land and simply lease it to an energy developer or investor, then you simply collect a revenue or commission from that. There is no downside to leasing land on our marketplace, LandGate is free to post listings on and there is no obligation to accept an offer. Making this a win win for you and your landowner.

Represent the Best Interest of Your Clients With LandGate

LandGate is helping real estate agents determine what energy resources give their landowners the highest and best use for their land. With LandGates custom land reports we can easily help you determine the highest and best use of the land. Whether this is for buying, selling or leasing land. These reports can be used to help retain your current clients, get more land listings and also go over new land listings.

About LandGate:

LandGate is the world's best and leading marketplace connecting landowners and real estate agents to renewable energy developers and investors. LandGate is an active nationwide marketplace for US land and its resources: solar, wind, carbon, minerals, and water. By posting on LandGate you get access to a different market than other land and real estate sources. Getting started with LandGate is the easiest way to expand or start your land real estate business. We offer an unseen marketplace, the opportunity for commissions off leasing land and also custom reports making you a land expert! Learn more about LandGate and LandApp. * Sources:


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