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How to List on LandGate

Updated: Jan 8

aerial photograph of a parcel of land outlined with a dashed white line

Listing your land for lease or for sale on LandGate’s open marketplace is a great way to get your property in front of multiple high-intent land investors and energy developers. Listing is completely free – we do not charge any fees or commissions! Create your listing today – it only takes 10 minutes and can be done on a desktop or mobile device.

  1. Sign in & Select Your Parcels

  2. Generate your free Property Report

  3. Select Resources to List

  4. Set your Asking Price

  5. Create the Listing Title & Description

  6. Select Applicable Tags & Upload Optional Documents/ Photos

1) Sign up for a free LandGate account or sign-in to your existing account. Then, find the parcels you want to list by searching for the address, parcel number, county, town, or zip code: 

*Note that if your property does not have an address or is in a rural area, it may be easier to locate the property by scrolling and zooming in on our map using nearby addresses or landmarks.*

Next, select your parcel(s) by clicking them. You can verify that you have selected the correct parcel/s by cross-checking the acreage listed in the left column:

Create an (optional) custom title for your Property Report, and you will be asked if you own the properties selected:

LandGate will now email you a PDF copy of your Land Report, but you can also view your resource lease and sale estimates on the next screen. You can toggle between resources of interest for more information:

Click the 'Create a Listing' button at the bottom of the screen to get started with your listing.

3) Select whether you’d like to list your property for lease or for sale, and click ‘Next.’ If you have an active lease on your property and are interested in selling the lease payments up front for a lump sum, select the ‘Sell Existing Payments’ option.

If you are interested in leasing your property and have selected 'Lease Resources' in the previous step, you will now be prompted to select the resources that you are interested in listing your land for lease for. Then, click 'Next.' 

Interested in leasing your land, but unsure of what it would be best-suited for? Check out this article on the different leasing options available for landowners.

4) Next, you will select how you'd like to set your asking price.

We recommend that you select the 'Make an Offer' option since all offers are negotiable, and you are not obligated to accept any offers that you receive through your LandGate listing.

5) Create a title for your listing and enter in your contact information to be displayed on the listing. After you enter this information, click ‘Next,’ where you will be promoted to enter in your listing description.

6) Select tags that apply to your property to help buyers/ lessees locate and filter your listing. This step is optional, but encouraged.

Upload photos, documents, or videos to your listing. This step is also optional, but encouraged.

Your listing is almost complete! Review the drafted listing, and edit it as needed. After clicking ‘Publish,’ your listing will be live on LandGate’s marketplace!

Once it has been published, you can review and distribute your new LandGate listing via your own social media channels and network. Simply click on the arrow in the top right corner of your screen to begin sharing your listing with your network!


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