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Real Estate Investment with LandGate Data: A Success Story

People always ask, “what does LandGate do and how can I use their products?” We’d like to share a recent story of one of our clients (SK for privacy purposes), who uses LandGate in a way that no other marketplace or data platform allows. SK did something incredible using LandGate’s platform; something most land investors only dream of. In a period of about 90 days, SK did the following:

1. Subscribed to LandGate’s solar data solution. 2. Identified several real estate listings that had very high solar value using LandGate’s LandEstimate™. 3. Bought one of those listings on a typical real estate website. 4. Listed his new property on LandGate’s website for solar energy leasing. 5. Closed on a top offer solar lease with a reputable solar developer for the property.

SK is not a land professional and has no experience in the energy industry. He’s a software architect by trade who got into real estate investing. He had rental properties that were generating income and he thought of expanding into land investing.

As he explored his options, SK realized land could become a cash flowing property just like the rental properties he was already invested in. SK knew that if he were to receive a solar lease, his returns would increase substantially. He just needed a tool that could identify hidden real estate value and then help him transact on that value.

SK found LandGate’s platform and immediately subscribed to the data tools LandGate offered. “We got a call one day from a land investor who said he wanted to buy land and then find a solar lease. But SK also wanted some guidance, so we offered that to him as well,” said Eric Thompson, Managing Director at LandGate. “We told him that LandGate has calculated the potential solar, wind, carbon credits, and mineral value of every single parcel in the US and that he could use that data to find the best land to purchase,” Thompson said.

Here is SK in his own words:

I work as a software architect and was looking to purchase some land for a possible solar farm. I had no previous knowledge about solar farms. I came across and subscribed to their data solutions and mapping platform. They have a wealth of information there. I also consulted a few members of the LandGate team and they showed me how to assess properties for the required resources, proximity to grid, etc. Very nice people to work with and they know it all. I could find and close on a property that matches some of the criteria and listed it on their site. Within a short time, I got an option-to-lease offer on my property from a solar farm developer. Thank you Landgate!

SK was determined to break into the energy industry so he did his research. He found a data analytics tool that provides him the information and platform to effectively locate, value, and transact on natural resources in a way that has never been done before. That disruptive technology is LandGate. If you deal with land, energy, water, or agriculture, you will have a direct use for the innovative services that we offer.

Find out more about LandGate’s solar data solutions or visit our online marketplace.


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