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Solar Payment Value

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

FAQ: Solar Payment Value

Can LandGate tell me the values of my land for a solar farm?

Yes. LandGate provides your potential dividend for a solar farm. It is a valuation of your property’s worth for a solar lease. The potential dividend for solar leasing is derived using solar irradiance data, incidence angles, topography, distance to electrical infrastructure (substations and transmission lines), local electricity prices, government incentives, revenues, and the cost of production in your area. To see your land's estimated solar lease value, generate your free Property Report on our map:

  1. Stable and predictable income

  2. Income is insulated from market fluctuations associated with other types of land use

  3. Doing your part in helping the U.S. convert to a cleaner renewable economy

What factors go into how valuable my land is for solar energy?

There are a lot of factors that affect what you can get paid when you lease land for solar energy, such as the size of your property, distance to electrical infrastructure (transmission lines and substations), topography, state and federal incentives, just to name a few. Additionally, the size of the project will have an impact. Larger utility scale projects could require 100 acres or more, whereas small to medium scale projects could require 2 – 40 acres. Future needs for electricity in your area, ease of access to your property (highways or farm roads), and supply and demand for solar sites in your area are also factored in. If your land has easy access to highways or farm to market roads, your solar rights value could increase. To see what the solar rights on your land are worth, generate your free property report on our map:


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