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The Benefits of Owning Rural Land

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

photograph of a dirt road running through green vacant land

Land exists forever- it is an investment like no other. It has tremendous potential and many side benefits that come with it. While owning land in urban or suburban areas is considered a great investment, there are even more benefits to owning rural land.

Recreation and Relaxation

One of the greatest benefits of owning rural land is having your own private playground. Whether you like to hunt, fish, camp, or just enjoy nature, rural land offers endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation. With no noisy neighbors or crowded tourist areas, you can truly escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind in peace on your own land.

Agriculture & Farming

Rural land also opens up a world of agricultural opportunities. Whether you want to have a small hobby farm or start a large-scale farming operation, owning rural land allows you to pursue your agricultural dreams. Not only can you grow your own food and raise livestock, but you can also generate income by selling crops or by leasing the land to farmers.

Long-Term Investment

The value of rural land appreciates over time, making it a great long-term investment. Rural land, in particular, has a lower cost of entry compared to urban areas and can often have higher growth potential. Additionally, land is a finite resource and as the population grows, the demand for land will increase, leading to potential increases in land value.

Tax Benefits

Owning rural land also comes with tax benefits. Depending on how you use your land, you may be eligible for tax deductions or credits. For example, if you use your land for agriculture or conservation purposes (such as for a conservation easement), you may be able to claim a portion of your property taxes as a deduction on your income taxes. It's important to consult with a tax professional to understand the specific tax benefits available to you as a rural landowner.

Freedom and Privacy

In today's world, privacy and space are valuable commodities. Owning rural land provides you with the freedom to live your life on your terms, without the constraints of city living. You can build your dream home or have a small cabin retreat, without worrying about close neighbors or strict zoning regulations.

Make Money from Leasing Opportunities

Landowners can make money from their land by leasing it for different purposes. The type of lease that your land would be best-suited for depends on many different factors and on your desires as a landowner.

Hunting Leases

Hunting is a popular activity across the country. Many hunters look to lease land as an affordable alternative to purchasing land outright. If you own a large tract of land that has wildlife, leasing your land to hunters is a great way to earn income from your land while keeping it the same.

Compared to other types of leasing opportunities, hunting leases are very flexible. The lease typically specifies the terms of use, such as what type of game can be hunted, when and how long the lease is valid, and any specific rules or regulations set by the landowner.

Solar Leasing

With the rise of renewable energy, solar leasing has become a popular choice for rural landowners. As a result of recent governmental incentives supporting clean energy, solar companies are constantly searching for large areas of open land to install solar panels. By leasing your land for a solar farm, you can earn income without having to invest in expensive equipment or manage the day-to-day operations.

Wind Leasing

Similar to solar leasing, wind energy companies also seek out large areas of land for the installation of wind turbines. By leasing your rural land for a wind farm, you can earn income while contributing to the growth of clean and renewable energy.

Carbon Credits

Another way to earn income from your rural land is through carbon credit programs. These programs pay landowners for creating or maintaining natural areas that absorb and store carbon, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Trees absorb more carbon than any other type of vegetation, so landowners with forested land are especially well-positioned to sell carbon credits from their land! By participating in these programs, you cannot only generate additional income but also contribute to the fight against climate change.

How can I learn more about my rural land?

There are many benefits to owning rural land, but the opportunity to make money from the land through land leases is especially enticing. Not only do land leases allow you to generate a steady stream of income, they allow you to maintain ownership of the land. This allows you to maintain ownership of the land and pass it along to family for generations to come!

If you're interested in leasing your land for recreational or renewable energy purposes, LandGate can help. Our free property reports offer data-driven insights to help you determine the best potential leasing opportunity for your land, and our online marketplace allows you to list your land for lease for free.


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