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Wind Leasing Questions Answered for Land Realtors

Updated: Oct 23

Is land still able to be in use when a wind farm is present?

Wind turbines take up as small as just a few acres of land. But wind developers do prefer large tracts of land, which means more wind turbines placed and more money for your client.

How long does it take for a wind farm to be built?

The entirety of the lease contract outlines a length of 2 to 10 years for the option period and 30 to 50 years for development and operation phase.

What does commission look like once a wind farm lease has been secured?

Commission earned on wind energy deals are typically treated similarly as commercial real estate commissions. Each realtor/broker will be paid based on their specific listing agreement with their client. In most cases, a percent commission of payments that are made over time are paid to the realtor/broker. Since wind leases can extend for up to 50 years, that means a wind energy lease commission could earn revenue for a land professional for a significant period of time. In other cases, real estate professionals have chosen to get paid upfront for their commission.

What type of land is best suited for a wind farm?

Large, wide open spaces are perfect for wind farm development.

How can I judge if my client’s land holds value for a wind farm?

The best way to judge your client’s land for wind farm potential is by using LandGate’s LandApp tool. This tool has all of the data needed to discover the value of your client’s parcel. You will be able to view your client’s parcel’s proximity to substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, and other data points like wind speed.

How much land is needed to build a wind farm?

Most wind farm developers are looking for land at least 60 acres per wind turbine even though a small percentage of the land is used for the placement. Realistically, 1 acre of land can house about 5 wind turbines.

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