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Wind Payment Value

What are wind turbine land lease rates?

There are quite a few ways to get paid when you lease your land for a wind farm. Wind turbine lease payments vary across the country, and are dependent on many factors. Wind leases can be paid per acre, per turbine, with royalties (a percentage of revenue), or a combination of all 3 approaches. Wind leases that pay on a per turbine basis are determined by the size of the turbine- $5,000-8,000 per megawatt is considered typical. Royalty payment percentages range from 4-10%. LandGate can provide you with a free estimate that will let you know approximately how much you could receive to lease your land for a wind farm per acre per year. To receive this estimate, simply find your parcel on our map and generate your free Property Report.

Which factors determine how valuable my land is for wind energy?

There are many different elements that wind developers consider as they plan new projects and determine if land qualifies for a wind lease. When you generate your free Property Report, the LandEstimate™ provided by LandGate for wind leasing considers your property's distance to electrical infrastructure (transmission lines and substations), average wind speeds, topography, buildable acreage, ease of access to your property, current and future demand for electricity, state and federal incentives, and more. Each of those factors plays a significant role in determining how much you could get paid when you lease your land for a wind farm.

How much do wind leases pay landowners?

There are many ways that landowners can be paid when they lease their land for wind turbines, and it varies depending on a few different factors. Landowners can also negotiate their wind lease payments. Most wind leases start with an option period, in which the developer pays you $5 to $40 per acre per year while they do their due diligence to ensure that they can begin construction. Once the wind turbines are generating electricity, wind developers pay a higher base rent payment per acre or per turbine, plus a potential royalty percentage based on the revenue generated from the turbines. Full lease payment amounts are around $2,500-$12,000 per year per turbine depending on the size of the turbines. Turbine payments are heavily dependent on age, size, and production of the turbines.

How long will the wind turbines be on my land?

The lifespan of new generation wind turbines typically ranges from 20 to 30 years. However, your relationship with a wind energy developer is typically much longer than this. From the option period through the end of a formal lease agreement, your relationship with a wind developer may last anywhere from 30-50 years. In addition to this, most wind leases also include an option for the developer to extend the lease for a few more years following the completion of the formal lease agreement. Are you interested in leasing land for a wind farm? Generate your free Property Report below to see your land's estimated wind lease value. If you're interested in exploring offers from wind developers, you can then create a listing on LandGate's online marketplace.


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