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The Benefits of Parcel Data

Updated: Apr 10

The Benefits of Parcel Data - photo of fenced farmland

Accurate and extensive parcel data is incredibly important for land management. LandGate is the only company ever to bring so much parcel data together in one place. Having this unique data set allows users to calculate the true full analysis of land’s potential for past, present, and future clients!

LandGate’s all-encompassing, advanced technology and property valuation tools provide land realtors, property owners, and more through our proprietary real-time parcel analyses with a click of a button! LandGate layers land ownership, land use, energy resource values, and more to provide an all-in-one property management platform.

Parcel Maps and Property Data

LandApp is a one-stop-shop for information for parcel data for all propertoes in the United States. Many other providers can only offer one portion of what LandGate provides in one easy platform:

  • Current Market Land Listings for Sale and for Lease

  • Value & Risk Indexes, used to easily identify the highest and best use for any property:

  • Nationwide Ownership information

  • Historical Lease/Sale Values

  • Parcel Boundaries

  • Electrical Infrastructure Data

  • Renewable Energy Lease Estimates (solar, wind)

  • Carbon and Soil Data

  • Topography Data

  • Agricultural Data

  • Mining and Mineral Data

  • Oil & Gas Data

  • The Value of Potential Renewable Development

  • Aerial Land Map Data

LandGate’s tools have the capability to show all of these data points and more.

Using Parcel Data to Reach New Clients

Parcel value is an all-inclusive data set including acreage, resource value, and proximity to electrical infrastructure. By getting access to these data sets, you will be able to present all this information to new, current, or previous clients. Sometimes, property owners can get the most value from their land through leasing resources as opposed to just selling the land outright.

Even though each client is different, they could all benefit from parcel data in the same ways:

  1. New clients may have no idea what their land is worth, and may not know the leasing potential their land has with renewable energy.

  2. Current clients that are interested in either selling their land or leasing their land will have a better understanding of the potential value.

  3. Previous clients who you helped purchase land might be interested in making passive income through leasing resources renewable energy.

However, using LandApp's PowerMarketing suite will make it easier for land realtors to reach out to new clients. PowerMarketing provides land realtors with the ability to search for land that has great potential for renewable energy. Once they have those parcels identified, they can easily mail personalized land assessment reports to those landowners. LandGate takes care of the printing, shipping, and mailing. LandGate has taken all of the hard work of finding all this data, curating the best land report on the market, and providing the best price point! Check out LandApp below for just $10 per month.

Utilizing the Energy & Natural Resource Marketplace

Once land realtors have generated interest among some clients, you can take advantage of listing for free on LandGate’s unique marketplace.

  1. Post your land listings and any of your clients who want to receive offers for energy or natural resource leasing on LandGate's marketplace

  2. List land for free - LandGate does not charge any fees or commissions

  3. Have full control over your listing

  4. Take advantage of available API connections

LandGate’s marketplace can offer get the most eyes on your listings from many different groups, compared to other land listing sites. High intent energy developers, investors, and buyers frequent the marketplace provided by LandGate because of our exclusive listings. Listing is completely free, and there is no obligation to accept any offers that you receive through a listing.


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