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Industry-Leading Available Transfer Capacity (ATC) Data

Access best-in-class grid injection capacity to quickly energize your projects

ATC data map
injections studies data

Get your projects onto the grid faster with

Reliable Capacity Data

  • ATC at POI: Heat Map

  • Bus Details and Location Data

  • Estimated Network Upgrade Cost

  • Proprietary Case Models: Tied to Interconnection Queue

  • Injection Studies

LandGate is leading the industry with

Nationwide Capacity Data

  • Fully mapped bus locations connected to substations

  • Highest quality bus and POI location accuracy 

  • National US coverage of capacity data across every ISO

  • In-house expertise and analysis (no third-party data or partnership fees)

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energy workflow software screenshot

Transforming the

Energy Workflow

The renewable energy industry faces two major challenges: 

  1. Sourcing land sites for development, and;

  2. Determining grid capacity for potential sites

LandGate is the only platform solving both challenges redefining the renewable energy workflow

Quickly Source Projects

Utilizing LandGate’s PowerLeads marketplace, developers have access to ready to sign deals with landowners, governments, institutional landowners, and corporations. LandGate has a full suite of land management tools.

Instant Site Analysis

LandGate provides detailed buildability and capacity analysis. Take the project even further by using Solar PowerVal to ensure the economic viability of the project.

Efficient Project Development

Export 8760 reports for financial stakeholders or produce interconnection queue submission reports to speed up your project development.

Get your projects on the grid faster with reliable capacity data.

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