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Your ultimate resource for data center insights & research.

Access comprehensive data, search tools, and analytics to optimize data center development.

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Data Center Site Selection & Analysis

Efficiently pinpoint the highest-value opportunities for data center sites, including:

  • Site suitability and zoning regulations

  • Climate and environmental risks

  • Power costs & availability 

  • Load forecasting (coming soon!)

  • Proximity to fiber optic lines 

  • Planned & under construction data centers

  • Land acquisition costs & comps

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Environmental, economic & electrical infrastructure data

Quickly and accurately determine the feasibility of a site using the best and most accurate data, including:

Electrical Infrastructure & Advanced Energy Data

  • Available transmission capacity (ATC)

  • Load forecasting power models

  • Transmission & distribution lines with capacity

  • Queued projects at the substation level

  • Largest database of PPA & live LMP data

Economic Data

  • Estimated utility upgrade costs

  • State & local incentives updated monthly

  • Zoning regulations

Environmental Data

  • Natural disaster risks

  • Slope analysis

  • Vegetation/Tree Cover

  • Soil type & stability

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End-to-end solution for site origination and deal management

Achieve higher closing rates for your data center site selection by using the most accurate environmental, economic, and energy data, best parcel data and a modern map-based CRM

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Search parcels based on advanced criteria

Acreage size


Buildability (exclusion zones) or topography

Distance to substations, transmission, shapefiles

Potential capacity

Search government & tribal lands

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Over 14 million acres sourced since 2022

Hot data center leads matching your buy criteria


Increase property close rates


Reduce general & administrative costs

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Ready-to-close data center leads

Hit your acquisition goals with nationwide data center deals and leads directly from landowners and real estate agents.

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