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Power market analysis & real-time power insights for power traders.

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Power Market Insights

Enhance power market decision making by actively monitoring load and market volatility.


Anticipate congestion-related price differentials and manage their trading positions accordingly.

Trading Strategy

Make quick and confident decisions with all the data in one end-to-end platform tracking binding constraints, LMP pricing, and real time generation monitoring to streamline grid insights into trading strategy

Monitor in Real-Time

Real-time market data integration: Get up-to-the-minute updates on prices, demand, and supply at the nodal level.


Quickly identify price spikes and their congestion drivers

Advanced Analytics & Forecasting

Access short term  forecasts for nodal pricing, hub prices, load, generation, weather, and gas prices.

Highest quality pricing data for confident decision making.

Best in class and most accurate LMP data

  • 100% Nationwide Real-Time P-Node Coverage: Access the most extensive network of real-time p-nodes across the country.

  • Historical LMP Data Export: Seamlessly export hourly or daily historical LMP data for detailed analysis.

  • Confident LMP Forecasting: Predict future LMPs with high accuracy to inform trading strategies.

  • Congestion Price Monitoring: Track congestion prices and associated LMPs in real-time.

  • Identify Price Spikes: Quickly identify and analyze price spikes and their drivers.

  • Real-Time Constraint Monitoring: Gain insights into binding constraints as they happen.

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Accurate forecasts for strategic trading.

Cutting-Edge Predictive Analytics for Strategic Trading

  • Real-Time & Short-Term Pricing Forecast Drivers:

    • Weather Patterns: Anticipate market impacts and adjust strategies based on real-time and forecasted weather conditions.

    • Load and Generation Forecasts: Optimize trades with precise load and generation predictions.

    • Historical Trends: Leverage past market data to inform future trading decisions.

    • Natural Gas Prices: Integrate natural gas market dynamics into your trading strategy.

  • Confident Decision Making:

    • Combine predictive analytics with real-time data to enhance trading accuracy and profitability.

    • Mitigate risks by understanding and anticipating market drivers.

Advanced grid insights: load & generation data.

  • Produce 3rd Party Engineering Reports

  • Economic Portfolio

  • Solar 8760

  • Due Diligence Report

    • Injection Feasibility Study

    • ATC Results 

    • Network Upgrade Cost Estimate

    • Interconnection Queue

    • Energy Price Summary

Ready to get started?

PPA & LMP pricing analyzer

CM PPA LMP Analyzer.png
  • LMP data

    • Live, Historical, and Futures

    • 100% US coverage with location

  • Incentive data

    • IRA, Fed, States, Local incentives

    • ITC, PTC analyzer

    • Energy Community

  • PPA data (70% coverage)

    • Direct PPA (Bundled energy + REC)

    • Qualified Facilities, Avoided Cost PPA

    • Private PPA

    • PPA estimate based on nearby Comp, LMP and Incentives

100% Coverage

Available Transfer Capacity (ATC) Data

ATC data.png
  • ATC Study Results mapped by POI

  • Identify limiting elements and transfer limits

  • Estimate network upgrade costs

Want to learn more? Schedule a call with our dedicated capital markets team.

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