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Sunset on Solar Panels

Moody's and LandGate are collaborating

Moody's CRE clients are leveraging LandGate's advanced renewable energy data and platform enabling them to gain valuable insights.

PowerData EV Charging

Comprehensive EV charging data

Search and identify the ideal parcels for EV charging stations based on multiple variables including:

  • Available Power

  • Nearby amenities

  • Traffic infrastructure

  • Parking lot sizes

  • Usable acreage

Includes existing EV stations, fuel corridors, incentives, forests/park reserves, and more

Renewable energy data & analytics for CRE

Most accurate electric infrastructure and advanced solar data

Renewable CRE data & analytics

In an innovative move that's transforming risk analysis and investment in renewable energy, Moody's, a leader in insights on exponential risk, has formed a strategic collaboration with LandGate, a top provider of data solutions for US commercial real estate and energy.


This alliance combines Moody's investment analytics expertise with LandGate's groundbreaking energy data and index scores, focusing on renewable energy sectors like solar, EV charging, battery storage, and wind. The goal is to provide investors, developers, and real estate professionals with advanced tools to spot both opportunities and risks in the rapidly growing renewable energy market.


Interested in seeing these tools in action? Contact us for a demo today!

Skyscraper Exterior

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