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LandGate adds John Dorman to board and expands its real estate platform & marketplace

Updated: 6 hours ago

John Dorman joins LandGate Board of Directors

LandGate furthers its position as the unique link between energy and commercial real estate (CRE) by adding John Dorman to its board. As a revolutionary climatech and proptech company, LandGate has already become a leader in data intelligence for renewable energy and carbon developers, and is now setting itself for an even faster growth in real estate, by offering vital property information to real estate agents, property owners, and investors.

John Dorman is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successes building financial software and service companies.

John Dorman is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successes building software and service companies in the financial technology sector. Retired from day-to-day management since 2004, John has been actively serving since then as a Board member for public and private high growth proptech and fintech companies. Before joining LandGate, John Dorman already served as a board director in three proptech and fintech corporations, as well as a non-profit. He served as a board director for Corelogic for nine years where he led a committee to oversee overall business development within the organization.

Recognizing the significance of LandGate's data and analytics for the renewable energy and commercial real estate sectors, John Dorman shared his excitement to join such a revolutionary and fast growing company, "LandGate uniquely combines energy and CRE to benefit energy developers, property data aggregators, investors, and real estate professionals. All the real estate data intelligence companies are desperately seeking to complete their dataset with potential energy and resource development analytics. LandGate has absorbed all the complex data of renewable energy, land and its resources to present very simple value and risk indices for property owners, corporations, advisory groups, and real estate professionals. The uniqueness of this data positions LandGate apart from other land marketplaces that just deal with land sales. It also doubles the market size of CRE by adding energy and resource leasing transactions for solar, wind, battery storage, EV charging, carbon offsets, carbon sequestration, water, and more."

Yoann Hispa, the CEO and Co-Founder of LandGate said, "we have been so fortunate to have the best investors and board members in the renewable energy industry, starting with one of the best energy tech investors, the Rice Investment group, followed by Nextera Energy, the world's largest generator of renewable energy, and Kimmeridge, a private equity firm leader in carbon and energy solutions. We have a team of high-performing energy, carbon, and real estate professionals matched with ex-DOD developers. We are now adding John Dorman to the board, who brings a wealth of experience and fast growth in proptech with an incredible success track record."

LandGate is launching an improved and simplified marketplace with a new landowner funnel for property owners to sell land or lease their resources. LandGate has been a leading platform for siting of solar farms, wind farms, and carbon projects. The company generated over ten million listings and leads in 2022 for energy and carbon developers. LandGate has proven its success as a revolutionary platform and marketplace for the lease of land and its resources, it now continues its growth by naturally expanding into the sale of land. Recent new features include the addition of transaction history data, mortgage data, and enhancements to the LandApp toolkit used by real estate professionals.

A key differentiator for LandGate lies in its unique analytics and leasing estimates, enabling users to gain unprecedented understanding of properties. Their data and analytics span across the continental US, covering resources such as solar, wind, carbon, water, and minerals.

Craig Kaiser, President, and Co-Founder of LandGate said, "John Dorman's reputation speaks for itself. His extensive expertise will help us further evolve LandGate as we continue to merge the commercial real estate and energy industries."

In essence, LandGate is on a trajectory of tremendous growth and transformation, and with John Dorman's involvement, the company is poised to lead the way in the crossover between CRE and energy, benefiting stakeholders across the real estate and energy sectors.

About LandGate

LandGate is the leading provider of data solutions, and an online marketplace for US commercial land and its resources: solar, wind, carbon, minerals, EV charging stations, battery storage, and water. The company helps investors, developers, real estate agents, and landowners understand energy & environmental resource values and connect on its online marketplace for land-related transactions.


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