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LandGate Launches its Environmental Site Assessment Report


Denver, CO – July 2, 2024 — LandGate, a leading provider of property data and analytics, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Environmental Report. Designed to provide an in-depth site assessment akin to a Phase 1 report, this tool promises to revolutionize the way developers and real estate professionals approach environmental due diligence.

Site Due Diligence in Seconds

The Environmental Report on LandGate is generated in seconds, delivering a comprehensive analysis of diverse environmental factors. It equips developers with essential insights into potential site issues, ensuring informed decisions before investments are made. Key features of the report include:

Comprehensive Species and Habitat Analysis

  • Endangered Species Map:

 Identify concentrations of endangered and protected species within the area.

  • Habitat Types:

 Understand the different habitat types present on the property, enabling better planning and conservation efforts.

Detailed Wetland and Water Analysis

  • Wetland Breakdown:

 Determine the extent of wetlands coverage on the property and get a detailed breakdown of various wetland types.

  • Water and Floodland Data:

 Evaluate federal and state wetlands, waters, and floodplains to understand development constraints.

Environmental Risk Data

  • Contamination: 

 Locate abandoned wells, underground storage tanks, toxic storage spills, and nearest Superfund sites to assess contamination risks.

Protected Lands, Legislation and Compliance Integration

  •  Federal, State, and Tribal Lands: 

Identify federally, state-managed, or native tribal lands that could impact development plans.

  • Legislation:

The Environmental Report incorporates relevant federal and state legislation, ensuring that developers are aware of all regulatory requirements from the outset.

An Essential Tool for Advisory Firms & Developers

This early analysis tool is ideal for developers of data centers, battery storage, solar farms, wind farms, and commercial real estate. It provides an initial overview of site conditions, allowing for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

"Our platform brings contamination and environmental risk issues to the beginning phases of property due diligence.  Real estate professionals, property buyers,  owners, and developers can minimize upfront risk and screen deals  in a way that previously required one-of consultations.  This tool saves time and money so that you can focus on the transaction." Craig Kaiser, President of LandGate


The LandGate Environmental Report is available now. Developers, owners, and real estate professionals can access these parcel specific reports through LandGate's online platform.

About LandGate

LandGate is a leader in property data and analytics, providing innovative solutions that empower stakeholders to make well-informed decisions. With a commitment to accuracy and detail, LandGate continues to set the benchmark for land insights and environmental analysis.

For more information about the Environmental Report, please schedule a demo or contact our sales team at


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