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LandGate Launches PowerCapital, the Renewable Energy Solution for Capital Markets

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New York, NY (Sept 14, 2022)LandGate Corp. has officially launched its PowerCapital Solutions on the heels of the Inflation Reduction Act, giving capital markets a unique value add with the release of a robust suite of data and SaaS for capital markets: PowerM&A, PowerMarkets, and PowerNAV.

LandGate ’s PowerM&A solutions consolidate capital markets’ historically fragmented or unobtainable data deals into a renewable energy M&A deals platform. It includes:

  • The most complete list of active renewable energy M&A deals

  • The largest database of closed M&A deals

Each M&A deal in the database is augmented by advanced research analytics that offer accurate economic valuation reports, sensitivities with pricing, capex, weather catastrophe, as well as Net Asset Values (NAVs) of solar and wind projects or companies. It offers a huge competitive advantage in the private and public capital markets with automated notifications of new deals and customizable target ESG investment criteria.

LandGate’s PowerCapital Solutions also includes PowerNAV, which offers the investment industry a suite of renewable energy’s customizable indices, ESG monitoring and benchmarks for all renewable energy operators in the US. Leveraging LandGate’s market-leading 11 TB of land and energy data mined and conditioned from over 200 different sources, PowerNAV features benchmarks, performance indicators, and NAVs for every public and private renewable energy operator in the United States. Capital market professionals can compare companies and renewable investment opportunities in minutes, or anticipate and model geopolitical and supply/demand sensitivities. Users benefit from the most accurate pricing including PPA, incentives, futures, as well as using the most comprehensive operators’ assets featuring their farms that are active, under construction, planned, and in the interconnection queue. PowerMarkets provides the most advanced analytics yet for renewable energy markets. Capital markets professionals can analyze historical and forecasted electricity prices (LMP, PPA, Incentives, Retail, Hub) or market trends of load, available capacity, electricity generation, and cash flows. The PowerCapital solutions from LandGate are designed to enhance the workflow of professionals at hedge funds, infrastructure funds, private equity firms, banks and insurance companies. The platform helps users assess the performance of large energy and resource asset portfolio’s key project information — including historical and forecasted production, capacity, cash flow, and NAVs. PowerM&A, PowerNAV, and PowerMarkets enable professionals to analyze renewable energy projects with the most advanced analytics to make informed acquisitions, divestitures and other investment decisions, and conduct risk analysis on projects based on energy prices, weather catastrophe and other factors. “With ESG mandates proliferating and solar and wind generation increasing at breakneck speed, renewable investment has become imperative for energy investors. But a comprehensive analysis of an energy project, electricity prices, or renewable energy operator’s stock can take several months of man hours to compile,” said LandGate CEO Yoann Hispa. “With the PowerCapital suite, we’re automating the vast majority of this work for the investment community. Capital markets professionals access over 2 TB of conditioned data and 9 TB of analytics from more than 200 financial, energy and land data sources. They now have the data and tools to make better and faster investment decisions in renewable energy M&As, stock, bonds, option investments and more.” The launch of PowerCapital solutions builds upon LandGate’s growth in the first half of 2022. In June, the company released PowerTools solutions, a collection of four new and upgraded products that enables energy developers to better analyze and transact on land. Another recently revamped tool is LandApp (formerly PowerRealty), which will revolutionize the real estate industry and position LandGate as the central hub for any land deal in the US.

About LandGate

LandGate is the leading provider of data solutions and an online marketplace for US commercial land and its resources: solar, wind, carbon, minerals, and water. The company helps investors, developers, real estate agents, and landowners understand energy & environmental resource values and connect on its online marketplace for land-related transactions. LandGate enables energy and carbon professionals to run economic engineering studies in minutes, access land leads and MLS listings, and manage their leads in a land CRM web app connecting their team. Real estate agents now have the opportunity to earn commission on energy and carbon deals, connecting landowners to developers and institutional investors. LandGate applies its technology to provide the most advanced analytics for renewable energy M&A deals, market & price trends, operators’ benchmark and performance indicators. Founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado, LandGate received Series A funding in 2019 from Rice Investment Group, a widely-respected energy technology investor, and Series B funding in 2022 from Nextera Energy, the world’s largest generator of renewable energy, and from Kimmeridge, a leading carbon solutions private equity firm. LandGate has partnered with the Realtors Land Institute (RLI), the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), and the Texas Engineering Executive Education (TxEEE) from the University of Texas at Austin. For more information visit See it elsewhere on Business Wire, Yahoo, and The Chronicle Tribune.


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