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Solar Development on Government Land: State of New Mexico Case Study

Updated: Jun 25

Solar Development on Government Land: State of New Mexico Case Study

The development of utility-scale solar projects on public land in the U.S. is a transformative step toward achieving a sustainable future. Renewable energy developers are at the forefront of this movement, leveraging vast tracts of land to harness solar energy efficiently and economically. One notable success story that exemplifies the potential of such projects is the collaboration between one such energy developer, the state of New Mexico, and the LandGate corporation.

Recently, the State of New Mexico approached LandGate for help evaluating the solar energy development potential of their land holdings, and then connecting with a developer who would then lease that land for renewable energy project(s).

Facilitating Utility-Scale Solar Development Leases in New Mexico

New Mexico listed a 640-acre property for lease for solar energy and battery storage exclusively on LandGate’s marketplace in Q1 of 2023. The listing was sent to power users of the LandGate platform, and a lease agreement was quickly reached, with the land currently in development as of Q2 2024.

New Mexico wind lease

Comprehensive Land Analytics

LandGate provided the State of New Mexico with advanced land analytics that were instrumental in identifying optimal sites for solar energy development, allowing the state to list those tracts of land with the highest potential for renewable energy development. Those same advanced land analytics were also accessible to the prospective developers on the platform, who were able to quickly assess the site suitability for their own purposes.

Streamlined Marketplace Solutions

Beyond analytics, LandGate's marketplace solutions streamlined the process of connecting the State of New Mexico with interested developers. Their platform facilitated seamless interactions and negotiations, reducing the time and complexity typically associated with large-scale land leases. For developers, this meant gaining access to a curated selection of premium sites ready for immediate consideration, significantly accelerating project timelines.

A Case Study in Efficiency and Success

The partnership between the State of New Mexico and LandGate serves as a case study in efficiently transforming land assets into viable renewable energy projects. LandGate’s innovative approach not only simplified the site selection process but also enhanced the state's ability to attract top-tier developers by offering clear, actionable insights and an easy-to-navigate leasing process.

The Future of Utility-Scale Solar in New Mexico

New Mexico's success in leveraging LandGate's capabilities underscores the potential for other states and large-scale energy developers to benefit from similar collaborations. As the demand for renewable energy continues to grow, the need for efficient, data-driven land management solutions will become increasingly critical. LandGate's proven track record positions them as a valuable partner for developers looking to maximize their investment in solar energy projects.

LandGate's contribution to New Mexico's solar development highlights the importance of advanced land analytics and streamlined marketplace solutions in facilitating utility-scale energy projects. By offering precise data and efficient processes, LandGate has helped transform New Mexico's renewable energy landscape, setting a precedent for future large-scale solar developments.

For energy developers seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning renewable energy market, partnering with LandGate can provide the tools and insights necessary to identify and secure prime development sites with unparalleled efficiency.

To learn more about sourcing development opportunities like this, book a demo with a member of our dedicated energy team.


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