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LandGate Expands Its Market Reach with Data Center & Fiber Optic Analytics

LandGate Data Center & Fiber Optics Data

LandGate, a premier site analysis platform, proudly announces a major expansion into data centers and fiber optic networks. Through extensive map layers, detailed information, and advanced analytics, investors now have access to an even more valuable suite of tools for optimizing portfolios.

With the integration of information on over 2,500 data centers across the United States, including details on operator names, white space availability, and gross power capacity, LandGate is revolutionizing access to critical infrastructure data and offtake power availability. Complementing these data centers is an extensive network of fiber optic cables spanning over 800,000 route miles, essential for modern communication and data transfer. Major urban hubs like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago play pivotal roles in this network, facilitating rapid and reliable data transmission nationwide.

Expanding Opportunities for Real Estate and Energy Professionals

LandGate's platform delivers in-depth intelligence on data centers and fiber optics to real estate professionals, investors and advisory firms, enhancing their value proposition and expanding commission opportunities. The platform generates exclusive, organic leads, streamlining the process for investors and developers to identify high-potential properties and projects. Additionally, lenders, insurance companies, developers, and advisory firms can leverage LandGate's comprehensive data to conduct thorough due diligence and confidently assess the viability of various projects.

"LandGate continually aggregates more data to assure users that our site analysis tools help you identify the highest and best use of land," says Craig Kaiser, President of LandGate. "These new data additions are not just about expanding our dataset; they are about revolutionizing how real estate and energy professionals access and leverage crucial information for decision-making and strategic planning."

About LandGate

LandGate is an essential site analysis platform for any commercial real estate decision. The company offers data and analytics for renewables, minerals, and other resources. With the recent addition of data centers and fiber optics, LandGate continues to innovate, providing users with unparalleled access to critical infrastructure data, transforming how professionals in real estate and energy industries operate and make strategic decisions. To learn more about LandGate’s platform and industry-leading solutions, schedule some time with our team.


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