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Massachusetts Solar Development Analysis

Massachusetts Solar Development Analysis

The state of solar development in Massachusetts can be evaluated by key factors such as federal and local regulations, incentives, grid interconnection and integration. The current state of development activity in Massachusetts is growing and can be seen in this analysis summarizing all facets of solar energy project development.

We will break down the various federal and state incentives available to solar energy developers in Massachusetts and how to access them.

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Massachusetts Solar Energy Development Activity

Massachusetts currently has 504 active and operating utility-scale solar farms with a total capacity of 2,048.22 MW  and an average capacity of 4.6 MW. Massachusetts also has an extensive pipeline for future development with 32 planned farms with a total capacity of 125.12 MW and 27 queued projects with a total capacity of 273.97 MW. 

Overall, if all under construction, planned, queued, and site control farms go into operating status, Massachusetts will expand its capacity by 454.64 MW. In Massachusetts, the average solar farm size is 48.9 acres, producing 4.6 MW of electricity under ideal conditions.

Utility Scale Solar & Commercial Solar


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