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The only platform delivering actionable deals, quality wind energy data, & site analysis solutions.

PowerTools for Wind

LandGate now offers industry-leading, nationwide ATC data.

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Over 14 million acres sourced since 2022

Hot wind leads matching your buy criteria


Increase property close rates


Reduce general & administrative costs

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Ready-to-close wind leads

Hit your acquisition goals with nationwide wind deals and leads directly from landowners and real estate agents.

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End-to-end solution for land origination and deal management

Achieve higher closing rates for your greenfield site selection by using the most accurate wind data, best parcel data and a modern map-based CRM

PowerCRM Wind

Search parcels based on advanced criteria

Acreage size


Buildability (exclusion zones)

Distance to substations, transmission, shapefiles

Potential capacity

Search government & tribal lands

PowerData Wind

Electrical infrastructure & advanced wind data

  • Transmission lines, distribution lines, & substations

  • PPA pricing

  • Daily & hourly LMP data

  • State & local incentives

  • Enhanced data with analyst-based quality control


Wind infrastructure data

Highest quality dataset of wind development analysis and siting data

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"As our country continues to invest in cleaner forms of energy, it is critical to identify the right sites to host projects. The LandGate platform provides its customers with an additional tool to help identify suitable land for projects while providing landowners with a new platform to help market their property."

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Rebecca Kujawa

President & CEO

NextEra Energy Resources

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