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Solar Development on Government Land: Tucson Airport Case Study

Updated: Jun 10

Solar Development on Government Land: Tucson Airport Case Study

The Tucson Airport Authority (TAA), responsible for managing the land assets of Tucson International Airport, has embarked on a mission to evaluate the renewable energy potential of its properties. Alongside this, TAA aims to effectively market leasing opportunities for renewable energy projects. Their goals include attracting potential lessees, boosting clean energy production, and thoroughly assessing the renewable energy capabilities of their land holdings. Meanwhile, the top renewable and solar developers in the country are in search of government land for developing new projects.

In the second quarter of 2023, TAA listed a 1,036-acre property for solar energy development on LandGate’s marketplace. This listing attracted multiple qualified offers, and by January 2024, a winning lessee was selected. The lease agreement paves the way for the development of a solar farm and energy storage facility on the property starting in 2025.

Under the lease terms, TAA will receive annual lease payments from the solar developer for the next 25 years. This arrangement is expected to generate a seven-figure increase in revenue for TAA overall. Additionally, the solar project is projected to produce 100MW of energy for the region and approximately 50MW of energy storage.

As of January 2024, nearly half of all U.S. retail electricity sales are governed by mandatory renewable portfolio standards. Many states, localities, and public utilities are poised to invest in renewable energy this year. To meet these goals, the utilization of public land for clean energy development will be essential, and those public landowners will need energy developers to step forward.

Developers interested in sourcing land for renewable energy projects can access exclusive government land listings on LandGate's open marketplace, which currently hosts many public land listings with more being added frequently. LandGate also offers extensive site selection tools, due diligence reporting, project economic forecasting, and more.


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